Class it Up with a Chic Bow Tie 1

Class it Up with a Chic Bow Tie

Hey girls, I’m so excited to write this new post, because I’ve just received a little gift this morning and I… Totally. Love. It! I’m talking about a gorgeous bow tie from Vania Szasz that can easily turn any outfit into a super stylish look.

I’m sure you all know how bow ties look, but the ones designed by Vania Szasz seem to take things to a completely new level, looking so special and chic that you’ll fall in love with them instantly. That’s exactly what happened to me as well, when I’ve discovered this lovely brand, and I immediately told myself that “I must have one of these”.

Made from exceptional fabrics with an incredible attention to detail, these bow ties are perfect for an elegant look, and the one I received was just as I wanted it: black with a lovely brooch in the middle.

But if you’re a bit more creative, you could even customize the look of these bow ties to match your own style and I’m sure they would look gorgeous no matter what. In the end, I should also mention that this beautiful bow tie arrived to my home with a sweet surprise, making my morning even more exciting.

I hope you like this elegant look and stick around, because these days I’ll be posting more photos from my trip to Cyprus.

My outfit for today: TopShop black coat, H&M shirt, Berska pants, Koton shoes, and the bow tie from Vania Szasz (you can get it from here).

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