Hello, September 1

Hello, September

Well, it’s the first day of September already, and I really don’t know where the time has fled so fast, but I must confess that this next period is definitely my favorite. I love fall, with all its beautiful colors and shades, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who enjoys watching the nature change right in front of our eyes. It’s true that the weather is not as pleasant as it was during those hot summer days, but that has its ups and downs.

Right now I miss those cold, rainy mornings, with a big cup of coffee and my favorite fluffy blanket, when I just start the day chilling out in my couch or reading a good book; by the way I’m looking for new books so.. if you have a few recommendations, hit me up 🙂

For me, Fall represents change and goodness, I don’t know exactly why, perhaps because we are one step closer to Christmas, or maybe this season makes me a little melancholic. But it’s something that I really love and brings some positive emotions, and I’m pretty sure that some of you are feeling the same 🙂

Today I’d like to start the new season with a chic look, in some warm shades, that makes me think that Summer isn’t completely gone yet, and prepares me for autumn 😀 So I’ve created this look starting from a lovely top from SheIn, which features my latest obsession – stripes – and also some lovely little lace details that made me fall in love with it instantly 🙂

I’ve imagined this top paired with some lovely white jeans even before I got it, and lucky me, I just found the ones that were perfect for this top, with some cool details that made them a little bit different. Add in a pair of shoes and some salt and pepper in the form of some statement jewelry, with lovely heart and circle shapes, and you get a pretty interesting outfit, that will surely help you turn a few heads on the streets.

Oh, I almost forgot – these days I’ll host a new giveaway on my Instagram, so keep around and.. if you haven’t followed me yet, here is the link once again: http://instagram.com/iamgeorgiana

I hope you like this new outfit and I wish you a happy 1st of September :*

My outfit :

Top : Shein

Jeans : Zara



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