Be Cool, Act Cool 1

Be Cool, Act Cool!

I know, I know.. you’re used to see me pretty often in girly outfits, with long dresses and a pretty make-up, and I can’t deny that I absolutely love this kind of outfits, because they fit me very well, right? But from time to time I like to change things up a little bit and the bad girl in me wants to get out with some cool outfits 😀

Today it’s one of those days, and I wanna share with you a super cool look, that would be perfect for one of these days, because a jacket or a thin sweater is a must have in the first days of autumn. Since I had a new awesome jacket from SheIn in my wardrobe, I knew it would be perfect for an interesting outfit like this, and I was so happy when I found a cool wall that contrasts beautifully with my look 😀

So.. what do you think? Are you going to be cool ? 🙂 Don’t forget of my giveaway on Instagram, you have time to enter until Friday 🙂

My outfit :

Jachet : SheIn

Top : H&M

Jeans : Zara

Sandals : LeoStudioDesign

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