I’m pretty sure you’ve all heard aboutĀ Auschwitz and all the outrageous things that happened there. The first time I’ve heard about this place was in mid-school at my history class, when we’ve learned about the Second World War, and from that moment I was really interested to find out more and I’ve always wanted to see this place with my own eyes.

That moment has finally arrived last week, and I didn’t know what to expect, but when I was in front of the gate and I’ve read that message which means “work sets you free” I felt a shiver down my spine and for a few minutes I couldn’t even go forwards.

When my boyfriendĀ told me to go on, I’ve felt like I just woke up from a bad dream.. but unfortunately that wasn’t a dream, I was actually there, and with every small step I had so many feeling that are really hard to describe. I’ve followed my bf around all the time, who told me a lot of tings about Auschwitz and the Second World War.

I actually had to prepare for this visit for a couple of days – because this is not one of those touristy sites where you could be really excited or happy and take as many photos as you want. To me Auschwitz was the saddest place I’ve ever seen, a place where an ideology killed millions of people, especially jews, in the worst of ways.

I’ve seen a lot of images that I just can’t forget… with so many feelings going through me like a rollercoaster that I didn’t really know how to manage. I’ve had some tears in my eyes, but I’ve left this place feeling more grateful to what I have.

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