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#iamsterdam – My second day in this magical city

My second day in Amsterdam started really fast, as I woke up really early in the morning hoping there won’t be too many people at Museumplein and at the #iamsterdam sign. But apparently it wasn’t early enough because as I got to the Museum square, there were literally hundreds of people also taking photos with (and on) the iamsterdam letters.

So I’ve just visited the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum and took a couple of photos in between. I was totally impressed by the amazing architecture of these buildings and of course, the beautiful paintings inside, but I was a little sad that the everything was overcrowded and I couldn’t take the photos I wanted.

Since the weather outside was pretty warm, I went for a casual outfit with an airy shirt and a pair of leather tights, matched by my lovely backpack which proved to be really useful in Amsterdam because I had a lot of souvenirs and essentials to carry.

Anyways, I totally loved Amsterdam and even though my trip here was a little short, I’m sure I will come back for more in the near future.

My outfit: ZARA leather jacket, Atmosphere shirt, H&M leather tights, KOTON boots, Atmosphere back and a nice scarf.

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