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You Must See the Wawel Castle!

It’s finally Friday and my house is full of flowers and smelling heavenly of lilac. After I drank a sweet cup of coffee I was in the perfect mood to write a new article from my latest trip, from a magical place that everyone loves in Krakow.

I’m talking about the gorgeous Wawel Castle, that was the residence of the old Polish kings for many, many centuries. The castle was built at the request of King Casimir III the Great and represents a set of stunning buildings set around an Italian-styled main courtyard.

One of the largest castles in Poland, the Wawel Castle is a lovely mix of European architectural styles of medieval, renaissance and baroque periods. Also, the castle and the Wawel Hill represents the most historically and culturally significant places in Poland, that’s why back in 1978 it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

I was more than happy to be here once again, because last time when we were in Krakow we couldn’t enter the Cathedral, but this time we managed to enter there and gosh.. it’s absolutely amazing! Honestly, I can’t find the right words to describe its beauty and just how massive it really is.

We’ve stayed there for almost an hour just staring and moving around and we were simply speechless in front of this wonderful piece of art – I think that’s the right description for this place. If you have more time to spend here you should know that there’s a crypt beneath which holds the tombs of Polish kings, national heroes, important generals and revolutionaries.

You’ll also find at the Wawel Castle a museum with crown treasury, gorgeous state rooms and you’ll have a chance to visit the Royal Private Apartments, exhibitions like “The Lost Wawel”  and “Oriental Art”, and last but not least you can also visit the Royal Gardens.

In my opinion the castle is the most beautiful place from the entire Krakow; its amazing architecture, the views and the great vibe you’ll get when you are here will make you fall in love with this town forever. We were there one day before Easter, and it was extremely crowded, but we still managed to find a few spots where we could take a couple of pics to show you this beautiful place. Enjoy 😀

My outfit :

Trench: Asos

Jeans / Blouse /  Shoes : Zara

Cap: Zaful

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