Krakow by Night

Hi guys ­čÖé Are you ready for a new post from my awesome trip to Krakow? As I’ve said in my first article from this beautiful city, Krakow is absolutely amazing, but you know what? it gets even better when the sun goes down! The entire city seems to come to life, with all those charming buildings lighting up to form an entirely new atmosphere, and thousands of people going out and enjoying a walk around the town’s center, a cafe or something good from a restaurant or a pub.

If you really want to fall in love with this city, try to explore Krakow by night, and I’m sure you’ll want to return here again and again. Trust me.. it’s a magical sight, and even though the weather outside was really, really cold during my visit here, I’ve managed to ignore everything just to be able to discover as much of this city as I could.

Of course, I was dressed up with many warm clothes, with a cozy coat being the must-have piece of the night, a hat or a beanie, some jeans and a comfy pair of booties that were just perfect for all those cobblestone streets. I hope you like these pics!

My outfit:

Coat/beanie/scarf : H&M

Sweater : Clockhouse

Boots : Koton

Bag :

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