Hello 2017 from Veliko Tarvovo 1

Hello 2017 from Veliko Tarnovo!

Hi girls… happy new year!!! Can you believe 2016 is already over !? I hope you’ve all had an amazing start of the year, and have finally recovered from your New Year’s Eve celebrations haha :D. Now that the holidays are well over and we’re all slowly getting back to work (or school), I thought I’d fill you in on how I spent my New Years as well.

It’s already a habit for me to start the new year discovering new places, and after months of going back and forth between several interesting destinations, we’ve picked the charming Bulgarian town of Veliko Tarnovo, as the place where we’ll spend the night between the years, and what a great choice it was!

If you don’t know this yet, Veliko Tarnovo is Bulgaria’s most beautiful town, for good reason. It’s many, many centuries old, and it’s all nestled on top of several hills, with incredible scenery that could literally take your breath away, and an imposing fortress called Tsarevets, which used to be home to Bulgarian kings when this small city acted as the capital of the state. But there’s more to Veliko than that..

Cobbled streets, lined with lovely buildings that are probably centuries old, many little shops wherever you turn your head, and several amazing restaurants, with some of the best dishes I’ve ever had the privilege to enjoy, will turn your visit to Veliko Tarnovo into a treat for all your senses.

And what was even better for me is that it was full-on winter as we got here. It was snowing heavily and the entire city was already covered in snow, looking like it came straight out of a fairy tale. I really don’t think I could find the right words to describe how charming the entire view was, but I’m sure you’ll find out yourselves from these photos.

I actually woke up really early to take these shots, and since it snowed the entire night, the snow was barely touched. It was so fun to be the first person out there, and it got me feeling like a little child once again, enjoying winter at its best.

My outfit:

Sweater Dress: SheIN

Pants / Coat: H&M

Hat: Tommy Hilfiger x GIGI Hadid

Shoes: ZARA

Handbag: GUESS

Gloves: Meli Melo

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