The Beauties of Berlin

Hi gals 🙂 Today I’m going to take you on a journey through some of the most beautiful places in town, going from Museum Island to the iconic TV tower and Alexanderplatz, which used to be the center of East Berlin.

It was really sunny outside, but trust me when I say the temperatures were just above freezing, that’s why it was so freaking hard to take a couple of photos for my blog – but I’ve ignored it all, and with a few coffee breaks, a cozy jacket, some gloves and a scarf, I’ve managed to walk around some of Berlin’s most amazing for hours, even though it was extremely cold.

My first stop was Museum Island, an UNESCO World Heritage Site right now, which is located on the northern part of a small island on the river Spree. It includes five of Berlin’s most incredible museums and the beautiful Berliner Dom, and if you really want to check them all out, you’ll probably have to spend an entire day just here. I’ve been only inside the Berliner Dom and the Bode Museum and they were both absolutely amazing!

But since we’ve had a full day in front of us, and the sun goes down pretty fast in November, we’ve had to move on to the next sights. And just a few steps away from Museum Island you can find the massive Berlin TV Tower, St. Mary’s Church and a stunning red brick building called Rotes Rathaus which is home to the mayor of Berlin.

Unfortunately, this entire area was under construction, and I couldn’t take too many cool photos here, but it’s definitely a great sight. From here on, just a few steps away you’ll find Alexanderplatz, one of Berlin’s most popular places, which still has its old socialist character, with many buildings that just seem to contrast with the rest of Berlin.

That’s all for today girls 🙂 I hope you like my outfit and all these beautiful places from Berlin. See you soon with another post. Hugs and Kisses :*

My outfit:

Jeans: Zara

Sweater : H&M

Boots: Ami Club Wear

Jacket :

Bag :

Choker & Belt made by me 🙂

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