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A Touch of History with Gladiator Sandals

Thousands of years ago, the Romans and Greeks probably knew what they were doing when every single lady was wearing gladiator sandals around town. They didn’t have the perfect roads or sidewalks that we have nowadays, and this kind of sandals was just the perfect thing to wear back then, especially if they were going to walk for miles and miles every single day.

And guess what? They’re also the perfect shoes to wear this summer as well, helping you want to make a fashion statement, while feeling so freakin’ comfortable in them. Thin or thick soled sandals, with dozens of straps that go around your feet all the way up to the ankles or even knees, these are the shoes that could turn any outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. Now back to this post… 😀

About two weeks ago I’ve bought this super cool pair of gladiator sandals from Ami Clubwear and.. they became my favorite thing to wear almost instantly. They seemed a little different than all the rest, with some lovely fringe, and they’re so comfortable and chic, that even your legs would probably thank you for wearing them.

Over the weekend I’ve been a bit out of town with a couple of friends, showing them the beautiful fortified church from Calnic, which was built back in 13th century, and of course, in a place filled with history I had to take these beauties out for a ride.

Matched by a sexy pair of leather shorts, with a tight top and a snazzy kimono, and I had the perfect outfit to make a statement. I’ve added a playful note to the look with a cute, double braided hairstyle, and a wonderful choker necklace made by … ME!  I hope you like this outfit and especially the location 🙂 Hugs, Kisses, and see you soon!

My oufit:

Gladiator Sandals: AMI Clubwear

Shorts: ZARA

Kimono: New Yorker

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