All aboard the style train! 1

All aboard the style train!

Today was another perfect day for me. Ever since I woke up, the sun was up, smiling at me through the window and filling my room with energy and joy. The weather outside was really warm for one of the last days of October, that’s why I knew I had to go out and take a couple of photos for my blog.

So, I decided to go for a sexy and chic outfit today, picking a lovely short skirt, and elegant camel trench and a statement bag from Hogan that I’m sure you gals will like. The decor had to be really interesting as well, that’s why I went to a place with old, rusty trains, that would be a great backdrop for this new shooting.

The vintage, industrial style of these old train carriages made this outfit stand out even more, that’s why I’m sure some of you will love these photos. I’ll probably come back here for more shots in the future, maybe in the winter when the contrast will be even more interesting.

Anyways, I’m really happy because I’ve seen you girls have already started to follow me and like my posts, and this makes me wanna post even more often.

I hope you like my outfit from today with a Berska camel trench, a nice shirt from Asos, a Berska skirt, camel boots from Jenny Fairy and the Hogan handbag.

I wish you a sunny day, kisses!

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