A look back to Barcelona  1

A look back to Barcelona

It’s a lovely Friday morning today and I’m already getting in the weekend mood, with a tasty apple pie and a cup of hot cocoa, two great reasons to stay in bed and watch a good movie today or… some old photos from beautiful places which meant a lot to me.

One of those places close to my heart is the amazing Barcelona, where I’ve been just a little over a year ago. If you haven’t been there yet, you should totally believe me when I say it’s absolutely gorgeous and spectacular. Every inch of the city is worth checking out, and if you get to stay there for a longer period, you shouldn’t think about it twice.

My visit to Barcelona was sadly a little short, but four days were ok for a small city break. I would have staid there for at least a month, but I’ve managed to discover many parts of the city in just 4 days. Yeah, I’ve walked the entire time from one place to the other and even though at one point my feet started to hurt a lot, I still didn’t want to stay in the hotel room.

Apart from the beautiful landmarks like Sagrada Familia or the Park Guell, both Gaudi’s masterpieces, what I loved the most about Barcelona were the people, always smiling to you and helping you with insider tips about the city or directions. I’ve also loved the parks there, especially Parc de la Ciutadella, and the beaches were amazing as well.

Another thing that I totally loved here was the food, and obviously the sangria, a special drink from Spain that will make you feel good and smile all the time.

My outfits for this unforgettable city break were pretty casual, because I wanted to feel really comfortable while checking out as many places of this amazing city as possible. Now let’s see Barcelona together!


My outfit in this day was: a Berska jacket, an Asos shirt, Berska pants and Koton flats.

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