Christmas is just around the corner 1

Christmas is just around the corner

Hey girls, how was your week? Mine was so full and beautiful ’til now, because I’ve decided to decorate my lovely Christmas tree a little faster this year. I don’t know about you gals, but I’m absolutely in love with all the things that Christmas brings and obviously the Christmas tree is one of them.

That’s why I totally like this post, because all photos are among fir trees, in a beautiful location that’s just a couple of miles away from my town. I often go there to take a breath of fresh air because it’s right in the heart of the mountains, with a great view and a small river nearby. There’s also a cozy restaurant and a nice spa in that place, but we’ll probably discuss about that in a future post.

Anyways, I love to sit there in one of those lovely, handmade swings, enjoying everything the nature has to offer and of course, right now, feeling that awesome fir tree scent. This place is perfect to disconnect from the busy city life, a place where I can be all by myself with my thoughts.

Now I’m in living room trying to finish this post, but I’m surrounded by sweet smells of cinnamon, clementines, hot cocoa and amazing little lights coming from my Christmas tree, that make me smile all the time and make me feel like a little girl once again.

My outfit: H&M coat, blouse and leather pants, Koton boots, Mango scarf and an Atmosphere fringe bag.

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