Autumn means layering! 1

Autumn means layering!

Autumn always makes me feel nostalgic 😀 I love those cold mornings, when it’s raining outside, and I’m waking up with the sound of rain drops knocking into my window. It’s a wonderful feeling, right? The next thing that comes to mind is a hot cup of coffee and its lovely aroma that should get me up and going for a new exciting day in town.

This is how the perfect autumn morning looks for me; and since I’ve said something about going out, layering is the word of the day in this period. Today I wanna share with you a new lovely autumn look, blending yellow and brick red shades in a pretty cool way. These colors are two of the most important shades of this season and you should totally include them in one of your next outfits.

A gorgeous yellow midi skirt, paired with a white shirt and a lovely sweater on top made my outfit pretty cool and modern, and those cool boots also contributed to this awesome look. As you know, I wear glasses now and then, but for this particular outfit I’ve thought they were just perfect, so here I am, with glasses, once again. I think I look like a teacher  😀 😀

I hope you like this look and I wish you a perfect Autumn day :*


My outfit :

Sweater : Zaful

Shirt : H&M

Skirt : Stradivarius

Boots : Zara



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