Ready for Halloween!

Hey guys 🙂 Are you ready for Halloween? It’s one of my favorite holidays, and since it’s just around the corner, this year AmiClubWear challenged me to dress up and make a special post for you girls, with a cool outfit idea, if you don’t know what costume you’re going to wear yet.

So, challenge accepted! And here is my Halloween outfit for this year, shot right in the middle of the forest, surrounded by trees and a beautiful floor of fallen leaves. I’m a sexy little red witch trying to do some magic, but I was caught right in action, and I’m struggling to hide and escape from people.

I’ve wanted to make this post like a little story, because that’s what Halloween is all about, right? Scary stories, fun, and dressing up for the part. I hope you like my idea for Halloween and I can’t wait to see your Halloween costumes, so, feel free to leave a link in the comments section below 🙂 :*

Trick or Treat?

My Outfit:

Halloween Costume : AmiClubWear

Boots: Koton


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