Waiting for Spring 1

Waiting for Spring!

As I’ve told you in my previous posts, this year I wanna travel more in my country, to show you all how beautiful it really is, but it’s been ice cold lately and my mind is already thinking about spring.

Luckily for us, in just a few days we’ll be in March, and everything around us will come to life, the sun will warm our hearts, and I can finally start wearing skirts and shirts. Spring is my favorite season, and I always get really excited when we’re getting closer and closer to those good days.

Last weekend I’ve already tried a cool spring look, because we’ve caught a glimpse of the sun for a few hours, and I couldn’t wait any longer. We went to a cool boutique hotel nearby Sibiu, called Conacul Maria Teresa, with a traditional restaurant, a pool and many other goodies, and after wandering around for a while I’ve decided I should also take a few shots for my blog.

The location was pretty great, the food was tasty, and in the end we left with a big smile. Since my mind is already gone to spring, I’ve had a lovely white top, with flower embroidery, a pair of sexy vinyl pants (my latest obsession – as some of you already know), and the cherry on top was my new pair of masculine shoes, with a touch of glam thanks to those big sequins.

Also, don’t forget about accessories, a chic handbag and a cute beret will always make your look even more stunning 🙂 Hope you like my outfit and tell me..you are waiting for Spring too?

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