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Hello my dear ones 🙂 Are you ready to discover a new beautiful place together with me? Today I wanna share with you a few pics from my latest city break, in.. Bratislava 😀 Yes, that’s where I’ve been in these last couple of days.

We’ve passed by this city a few times already, but we’ve always wanted to stop here for a few days and discover its beauty. And since Feb. 7th is a very important date to us, because we’re celebrating our 4th anniversary, we’ve decided this was just the right time to come to come to Bratislava.

Actually, we’ve stayed a few km outside of the town, in one of the most amazing hotels I’ve ever been to, but I’ll tell you more about the hotel in one of my next posts, because I made a special photoshoot there, that deserves a separate article.

Today I wanna tell you more which are the most important places you should visit when you’re in Bratislava.

The first one is obviously the Bratislava Castle – an incredible rectangular building, with four towers on its corners, that’s glancing over the entire town and the Danube river from the top of a hill. With this perfect location in the heart of Bratislava, you probably realize that the views from castle are absolutely beautiful.

But we haven’t been so lucky when we got here, because it was snowing a lot and the wind was so strong that we barely managed to walk to the entrance of the castle. Luckily for us, the castle is also a museum, so we spent a few hours inside wandering around and taking photos, and at the top floor there’s also a cafe where you could enjoy a good cup coffee or something sweet, while looking down at the town 🙂

Another major attraction in Bratislava is the charming Blue Church – also known as the Church of St. Elizabeth of Hungary. Tucked away from the old town, this church seems to be inspired by Gaudi’s style, with mosaics, an ornate facade and mojalicas blue, while the interior is painted in a pale shade of blue. It’s a wonderful sight and it looks like it came straight out of a fairy tale, especially when the sun is out.

And if we’re at churches, you must visit St Martin’s Church, the largest and one of the oldest churches from Bratislava. Built in Gothic style, this place was actually the coronation church of the Kingdom of Hungary between 1563-1830, that’s why it’s pretty famous. 11 kings and queens were crowned here, plus 8 of their consorts, including the coronation of Maria Teresa of Austria.

Moving on from there to the town’s center, you’ll probably find yourselves glancing at Michael’s Gate. Built in 1300, this is one of the town’s oldest buildings and it’s the only gate that has been preserved from the medieval fortifications. The gate was reconstructed in 1758 with a baroque look and it now holds a museum and a pretty cool terrace from where you could get a 360-look around the town and a magical view of the castle.

Last but not least, Bratislava’s Old Town will make you like this city even more, with so many lovely streets, old buildings and a wonderful square that’s probably the most important meeting point in town. You’ll find numerous restaurants and cafes here, chic boutiques and a few interesting statues as well.

All in all, Bratislava might be a small town, but it’s full of history, and it’s just perfect for a small city break. In two days I think you’ll be able to see all its important sights, but there’s always room for more.

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