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My Latest Obsession: this Red Trench

I’ve been a little bit offline in these last couple of days, but trust me, I have a good excuse 🙂 Two good friends from Bucharest arrived in town and we were their guides through Sibiu and then my mommy came to visit me and I’ve spent a few amazing days with her.

I always believe that spending time with our dearest friends and family is the most important thing, and these days that’s exactly what I’ve done. After all, it’s very good to take a little break from social media from time to time, and actually socialize in real life, go out more often, discover new places, laugh, dine, watch movies and play different games – these are some of my favorite activties with my dearest ones.

And since almost all my friends are from Bucharest and I don’t get to see them very often, the time when we meet is very precious for me 🙂

In these last couple of days it also snowed a lot in my town and we decided to go to Paltinis with our friends and enjoy those stunning mountain views. Everything was covered in a blissful white, the trees, the cabanas and even the road, turning the mountains into a visual spectacle.

That’s why I love my country a lot – because we have amazing mountains, rolling hills, sea, old castles and fortified churches and charming towns with a unique architecture. This year I promised myself to travel more in my country as well and I’m pretty sure you will love it too 😀

And now, back to the main topic of this article. I must confess than in this period I made a little obsession for vinyl clothes – they’re so cool and very versatile – for instance you could wear a pair of vinyl pants in a sport or casual outfit, and even in an elegant look. And now I want to show you my little red gem – a vinyl trench coat in a stunning red shade that made me believe in love at first sight once again.

Tell me, which is your latest obsession when it comes about clothes?

My outfit :

Trench : Asos

Pants: H&M

Shoes : Zara

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