Hello Cluj 1

Hello Cluj!

Happy new week¬†dears ūüôā As you already know, every Monday I have a new post for you girls with¬†my latest adventures, and this weekend was all about happy moments, good friends, tasty food and a beautiful city that I totally love and I¬†will always¬†visit with pleasure.

I’ve spent this entire weekend in Cluj and I’ve enjoyed every minute there. The old town is charming and Saturday morning I’ve decided to take a couple of photos for my blog in the town’s beautiful Central Park, right in front of the old Casino from Cluj, a gorgeous place¬†that you should totally check out.

But since it was Saturday morning, there were a lot of weddings in Cluj, and guess where all the brides were? Right in front of the Casino, taking photos and waiting for their ceremonies to start. But I’ve still managed to do my job very well, even though it was pretty cold outside, and then I’ve moved quickly to the nearest shopping mall, to warm up with a hot caffe latte at Starbucks.

I have hundreds of photos from Cluj and now I’m sitting in my bed trying to decide which pics to choose for this post, because they’re all pretty nice, with a good vibe that makes me smile once again. In the next days I’ll post another article from Cluj, so stick around¬†for more…

Hope you like this outfit and these photos, as much I do, and have a great week guys –¬†Many kisses ūüôā

My outfit: H&M coat, Mango shirt, Zara vest, glasses and pants, Fay bag

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