Celebrating our Traditional Shirt 1

Celebrating our Traditional Shirt

Happy Monday my little fashionistas :* I hope you had a perfect and sunny weekend, just like mine was 🙂 Today I wanna share with you girls the chic outfit I’ve worn over the weekend, a very special look meant to celebrate the Romanian traditional shirt festival!

Simply called ie, this shirt is a major part of our traditional Romanian costume, a culmination of simple embroidery and decoration, that has made us stand out over the centuries. Its beauty, and the colorful decorative details on it, has even inspired several fashion designers in these past years, that’s why I’m sure this shirt will always be fashionable.

The Romanian traditional shirt festival was celebrated in the perfect location, right in my hometown, at the Astra National Museum of Traditional Folk Civilization, and obviously I was there, wearing a chic traditional shirt.

With this occasion, I’ve decided to show you how beautiful our traditional clothing looks when it’s combined with modern elements, that’s why I’ve paired my shirt with some boyfriend jeans and a lovely pair of chunky red wheels, which are among the biggest trends of this year.

This outfit and especially this location is one of my favorites and I hope you like it too 🙂 ’till next time have a perfect week girls :*

My outfit : Traditional shirt

Boyfriend jeans : Zara

Sandals : Bershka

Handbag: Atmosphere

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