Make your Moment memorable! 1

Make your Moment memorable!

Tell me girls, how many times have you told yourself “I wish this moment would last for ever” ? I think it happened to all of us many times, because us girls usually think with our hearts, and feelings are often above rationality. That’s why we cherish the most precious moments and we’d like them to last forever.

For this particular reason, SouFeel has prepared a wonderful surprise for us, with their awesome memorable charms that could be personalized as you wish. If you love charm bracelets just as much as I do, this memorable charm could be the perfect addition to them, with a picture of your favorite moment, that will make you smile all the time.

For many years I’ve wanted to buy one of these lovely bracelets with charms and just a few weeks ago my desire finally came true, thanks to SouFeel. I’ve received this adorable bracelet, with 5 amazing charms, each of them representing different parts of my life, memories and things that I love the most. Of course, my favorite is the memorable charm, a little heart with me and the person I love the most – my boyfriend.

All these charms have been beautifully handcrafted, with incredible attention to detail and to me, a charm bracelet is definitely the perfect gift for your beloved one. SouFeel has a massive range of charms to choose from, each of them beautiful in its own way, and the best thing is that if you use the code IG5 to your order, you’ll have a 5% discount. Great news, right?


Have a memorable day my little fashionistas and see you next time :*




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