My Top 5 Favorite Handbags 11

My Top 5 Favorite Handbags

Ok ladies, today I’ve decided to talk about something that I’m sure we all love and we just can’t get enough… handbags, purses, clutches, tote bags, you name it! This post is going to be about the gorgeous bags that make our days better and our lives easier, sharing with you girls some of my favorites.

I have a lot of wonderful handbags in my closet, especially bags from Furla (because I totally love this brand) and you can only imagine how hard it was to pick just five of them for this article. Actually, I’ll probably be back with a part 2 for this article in the next couple of weeks because there are just too many bags I like.

You’ve probably seen some of these beauties in my previous posts if you follow my blog closely, and you’ll surely see them pretty often in my future posts, because I love each and every one of these bags. So, let’s do it!

1. Furla Stacy Pitone Mini Bucket Bag

Honestly, I adore this bag – it’s tiny, super chic, practical and surprisingly spacious. The python (pitone) leather skin makes this lovely bucket bag even more eye catching and gives you more confidence when you’re wearing it. And if you remove the shoulder belt, you’ll have a chic new bag, worn by the handle.

2. Furla Spy Bag Mini Backpack

This is my favorite travel companion. I love wearing backpacks when I’m in a short trip because there are plenty of things I need to carry with me, plus the camera, and different lenses. And when it comes to backpacks, there’s honestly nothing better for me than this shiny Spy Bag from Furla. This bold silver backpack stands out no matter what I’m pairing it with, and it always looks like the cherry on top of the sundae for my outfits.

3. Fay Baguette Bag

I think every girl should have a chic baguette bag like this one and the reason is very simple… it’s so elegant and versatile, and if you hide its belt you’ll have a perfect clutch as well. Clever, right? The black leather and its gold accessories make this lovely baguette bag even more elegant, looking amazing during daytime and classy during the night as a clutch.

4. Furla Alissa Satchel Bag

I’ve always wanted a bag like this one for plenty of reasons, but in a few words, I love its color, size and style. It’s really elegant, and this orange makes me think of summer instantly when I look at this lovely bag. Another thing that’s really important is that this handbag is roomier than you’d expect and you can probably carry almost anything you want in it, looking classy and feeling comfortable in the same time. Versatile is the perfect word to describe it.

5. Furla Red Tote Bag

Every one of us MUST have at least one red handbag in our wardrobe and this lovely red tote bag is more than perfect for me. It expresses femininity and it’s super stylish and versatile, with a texture that makes it perfect for everyday use.

Ok, now that I’ve talked about each of these gorgeous bags and I hope you liked them as well, I still have to talk about one thing that’s very important, how to take care of your precious bags?

When you’ve invested a lot of money in a handbag, you have to make sure it will be with you for at least a couple of years. But taking care of leather goods can be tricky, and when we’re talking about bags that you seriously care about, there’s so much at stake.

You should always protect your bag with a reputable protection cream or leather treatment, and you should do it from the first day you’ve bought it and repeat the process every two to three months. Regular cleaning is also really important, even if it’s a quick wipe down with a cloth.

I keep these beauties in my dressing in special compartments, standing up to keep their normal form. The ones I rarely wear are stored in their sachets to have an extra layer of protection, and when I travel somewhere, I pack them carefully like that as well.

I hope you liked my tips and my favorite bags and… maybe you could tell me a couple of things about your favorites.

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