Christian Louboutin’s breathtaking Hawaii Kawai Collection 1

Christian Louboutin’s breathtaking Hawaii Kawai Collection

Hello my little fashionistas 🙂 Today I’ve decided to write about something a bit different, that I’m pretty sure you’ll love. Since I have a category about fashion inspiration and trends on my blog, I’ve thought I should present you Christian Louboutin’s new gorgeous collection today, a wonderful mix of chic heels, handbags and even nail colors that will make you believe in love at first sight once again.

Called Hawaii Kawai, Christian Louboutin’s new Spring/Summer 2016 collection embraces the laid back spirit of Aloha in the best way possible, with an abundance of vivid colors, eye catching floral prints and showing off the special mood and style of the 1950s Hawaii.

Spring is all about colors and fun and Louboutin’s new collection is just like that, with the perfect pieces that would help you make a fashion statement and bring joy in everyone’s heats this season.

In terms of handbags, the Hawaii Kawai collection includes the gorgeous Triloubi, that’s priced from $1,590 to $1,850, featuring a hot print with lush green tropical beauty, which can be also seen on the curvy lines of the Houla Hot and the mirage heel sandal Olala.

The exquisite Classic Pigalle Follies are now available in both white and black shades, with a new 55 heel height, plus the classic 100. We should also mention the new, slim-soled Seava sneaker, which looks absolutely amazing in a white Hawaii Kawai print.

The wonderful flora from Hawaii has been also brought to life through this collection, with the flirtatious and whimsical styles Ha Why Luna and Ha Why Beach Club, both of them priced at $1,995. These gorgeous shoes come with 3-D laser-cut leather embellishments and delicate, hand-placed crystals and pearls. Aren’t they lovely?

Christian Louboutin has also integrated a unique Phyton Electric skin pattern on the heel and platform of each of these shoes, making the whole picture even more extraordinary. Oh, and did I mention that Hawaii Kawai also includes a dreamy version of the brand’s bespoke nail color coffret?

Every single piece from this vibrant collection is perfect for this spring, it makes you book a ticket to Hawaii, get a hula skirt and get your groove on! I’ll be posting once in a while collections that inspire me, maybe you’ll find them useful as well 🙂



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