New season – new look!

A few days ago I’ve decided it’s time for a change in look so I did what I’ve always wanted.. cutting my hair a little more than I used to. After a long discussion with my hair stylist we’ve both decided that a long bob hairstyle will fit me perfectly and after an hour filled with emotions and excitement my new hairstyle was finally ready and… I totally loved it!

I think I’ve never cut my hair this short and I’m really, really happy with how it looks. I’m also really excited to tell you that winter is here already, at least where I live. It’s been snowing the entire night here and just as I woke up and looked on the window, everything was beautifully covered in snow. Obviously, my mind thought about Christmas, Santa and my favorite part about the winter holidays, the Christmas tree. Can’t wait to see it in my living room!

This was the perfect time to go out and play a little with the snow. It was also a great moment to wear my new sweater and coat, because ever since I’ve bought them I didn’t have a chance to wear them. Now they’re more than necessary, as the temperatures outside are very, very low.

My outfit : C&A coat, Asos knited sweater, Denim & Co jeans, Koton boots, Stradivarius hat and an Atmosphere bag.

I hope you like my first winter outfit and also my new haircut! Kisses and hugs!

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