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Happy to be a Bridesmaid

Hello girls :* I have some big news for you this week and I can’t wait to share them with you 🙂 Over the weekend I’ve been to one of the most important events in my cousin’s life – her weeding – and obviously I was one of the few lucky bridesmaids 🙂

The entire wedding was absolutely amazing, and I had so much fun, with dear friends and family together, and the bride and groom looking like they came straight out of fairy tales. The bride wanted every bridesmaid to wear baby pink colors, and I’ve found just the perfect dress for this occasion, a gorgeous pink dress from ASOS, which made me feel like a little princess the entire night.

When I’ve seen this dress it was literally love at first sight, because it had a classy design, with short sleeves and shiny stones that made it even more special.

The second big news I have for you is that right now I’m writing this post right by the sea, in Thassos, Greece, and guess what? I’ll stay here an entire week and I’ll try to take a lot of photos for my blog 🙂 So stick around, because I have a lot of surprises for you this week.

My outfit: Dress  : Asos

Sandals: Zara

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