Rocking a Black Suit 1

Rocking a Black Suit

Where should I start? It was back in 1920, when the famous Chanel suit has taken over the world. Madame Coco has decided to free us from corsets and constraints with an unstructured cardigan made of tweed, featuring gold metal buttons and pockets, and matched by a midi skirt of the same fabric. The entire outfit was complemented by a long string of pearls, and it would become “the new uniform” of women.

Katherine Hepburn was one of the first women who dared to wear a masculine suit, and this was the spark that encouraged women to rethink the boundaries of fashion and taboos of wearing clothes by gender. Then in 1970 Yves Saint Laurent introduced “le smoking”, the first couture suit with trousers for women, that was actually created from a men’s suit.

The whole trend was getting more and more popular, but in 2011, the famous Vogue magazine has stated that it’s time to move on from the masculine silhouettes-copying era to sexy suits which complement our physique. Women in business are a force right now, and they no longer need to feel bound by this predominantly male environment and forced to earn respect, including through clothes.

So, after a little lesson of history, I strongly think that every woman should have at least a lovely suit in their wardrobe, a classic piece which can be paired in many different ways. Today you could wear an elegant suit if you’re going to a fancy event or at a business meeting, but if you pair it with some sneakers, you could always go for a casual look that’s perfect for a stroll around town.

Now it’s my turn to show you how I’m wearing a suit, because I’ve just received this beauty from BonPrix, which is my new favorite thing to wear right now. I’ve decided to go for a sexy and modern look with this suit, pairing it with only a lace bra and a pair of red mules, which are also a huge trend these days. Of course, I had minimal accessories as well, and I’ve styled my hair with a lovely scarf. I hope you like it 🙂 Kisses :*

My outfit :

Suit : Bonprix

Mules : Bonprix

Bag : Furla


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