Groningen Love 1

Groningen Love!

Rise & shine my beauties! Are you ready to see another awesome travel post from me? This time it’s going to be a real treat, and I know that for sure because this lovely little town jumped straight to the top of my favorite places list.

Groningen is a city that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen, and even though at first it would seem a little bit crazy, after just a few hours spent in town you’ll quickly fall in love with this place and start to appreciate its beauty and uniqueness more and more.

This charming Dutch city is apparently the world’s most bike-friendly town, and if you don’t believe me, here are some stats: there are 190,000 inhabitants in town, and over 300,000 bicycles, and that was a few years ago. I don’t even know if I could find the right words to describe the traffic here.

There are no cars, at least in the town’s center, which is always a good thing, but wherever you turn your head it’s like a massive swarm of people on bicycles, and they’re all going so fast around you. It takes a while to get used to this whole new world, but I’m telling you, after just a few hours in town you’ll love it, and I’m sure you’ll want less cars in your city as well.

The entire atmosphere in Groningen is amazing, with lovely little canals and boats just like Amsterdam, centuries-old buildings mixed with modern landmarks here and there, many cafes, restaurants and shops, and best of all, really friendly people.

It’s a town where I’d move tomorrow if I ever had the chance, and it’s definitely a place I want to revisit as soon as possible! I hope these pictures could make you feel, at least a little bit, the unique charm of Groningen. Enjoy!

My outfit :

Vest / Backpack : Atmosphere

Turtleneck / Jeans : Zara

Boots : Koton

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