Wearing the Same Item in Two Different Ways 1

Wearing the Same Item in Two Different Ways

I’m pretty sure you all know I totally love velvet – that’s because I’ve said it many, many times ’til now 🙂 and I know you’re not mad at me, because you also know that feeling, right? Velvet is so classy and chic that I’d love to wear it all the time, and since it’s Friday I have a little surprise for you girls today.

I’ve prepared for you two different looks, made with the same dress and shirt 🙂 How did I do it? Just watch me 😛

In my first look I’ve decided to show you my gorgeous burgundy velvet dress from Zaful, paired with a white shirt and a lovely pair of boots with a chunky heel… a look that’s easily one of my favorites, because if you’re at your job, and you must go to a business meeting quickly, this is the right answer 🙂

Buuut, if you have a busy day at the office or around town, and you don’t have enough time to go home and change your clothes, I have the perfect solution for you: the same shirt, with the same velvet dress, but this time, the dress will pass for a gorgeous midi skirt, cool right? and to hide the extra part of fabric just add a belt on your waist and you’re done 🙂

For the second look I’ve also opted for a tiny scarf, to add a little bit more glam to this look. So girls, what do you think about this combo?

My outfit :

Velvet dress : Zaful

Shirt : H&M

Bag : Guess

Scarf & belt : Zara

Boots : Tendenz

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