Dress over jeans why not 1

Dress over jeans? why not!

I’m always fascinated by the first weeks of autumn, and I just love to walk along the cobblestone streets of my lovely hometown, admiring the trees and seeing all their leaves changing into so many beautiful colors. These simple moments and those charming autumn shades make me forget about all my worries, as I enjoy nature’s blessings.

Since the temperatures outside dropped a lot lately, and I was more than stubborn to wear my lovely new dress from SheIn, I’ve thought that combining it with a pair of jeans, instead of some tights, will be also pretty cool; at least they will keep me warm all day long.

Layering dresses over jeans has quickly become one of the most interesting street style trends in these last couple of years, and even though it might seem pretty tricky, it’s actually very easy to pull off. I think I’ve done a very good job from my first try 🙂 and luckily for me I also borrowed a very girly bike for some of these shots, which made them 10 times better.

I hope these photos will inspire you a little bit, and ’til next time.. have a great week dears :*

My outfit :

Dress : Shein

Shoes : Rosegal

Backpack : Furla

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