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A Totally Feeric Day!

Hello girls :* today I wanna share with you my favorite day from Feeric Fashion Week, and also my favorite outfit from this crazy event 🙂

This entire day was pretty wild, as we literally had to run from one place to another, because some of the fashion shows were pretty far away from Sibiu; but I didn’t complain at all, because the the locations where they were held are some of my favorite, and I love going back there every single time.

You can see the first location in the photo before you, a project that I totally love, nestled right at the base of the mountains. This entire place is still under construction, but it already looks like it’s coming straight out of fairy tales and to me it looks exactly how I imagine Snow White’s home.

This place is called The Clay Castle from the Fairies’ Valley, and it’s a future boutique hotel that will open probably sometime next year. You can only imagine how happy I was when I’ve seen there’s a presentation held there. And what else can I say?

Like the location, the collection showcased there was equally gorgeous – one of my favorite collections from the entire FFW. The designers Charles & Ron have impressed all of us with a vivid collection, filled with color, that has kept us breathless until the end.

After this lovely show, I took my two crazy girls, Ana-Maria and Angie, to see another amazing place nearby, where surprisingly they haven’t been yet. I’m talking about the Transfagarasan highway, the world’s most beautiful road, which crosses the Fagaras mountains from one end to the other, going right up to a glacial lake called Balea. We were a bit in a hurry, but we’ve had such a great time, taking photos and laughing a lot, and I was so happy I did this for them.

After this lovely break we had to run to the next location, at the Brukenthal Palace, where Ana Maria Galan presented a collection full of femininity. Straight from the improvised runway we’ve met the lovely Dana Rogoz, an actress and also a fashion blogger, who talked a little about her experience as a designer too, and shared with us her new collection of bags and T-Shirts, that’s just super cute.

But time flies so fast, and we’ve had to move quickly to the next location, to the biggest library in Sibiu, where we’ve seen a gorgeous bridal collection from Natalia Vasiliev, my favorite designer of wedding dresses, where all of us were completely mesmerized by her new creations.

The night was closed by 4 other designers at the Feeric Venue, Pimpi Smith, Stefania Borodi, Tenue de Saf and Donka Stacovski.

For this lovely day, I’ve opted to wear once again clothes made by Romanian designers, and thanks to All for Art I’ve found another perfect outfit for this show. An elegant backless shirt with a gorgeous green midi skirt, that everybody seemed to love, and I felt like a princess wearing it. It was definitely my favorite look 😀

That’s all for today my fashionistas, ’till next time I wish you a happy day and a lovely weekend :*

My outfit:

Shirt: Concepto / All for Art

Skirt: Miniona / All for Art

Sandals: Sergio Todzi

Bag : Furla

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