Horses and Happiness

The middle of the week caught me in a very, very good mood, and since they say yellow is the color of happiness, I thought I should show you girls a cool yellow look in this new post 🙂

So I found the right outfit, I’ve dressed up, put my make-up on and head out, and since we didn’t have any specific idea where to go for this shooting, we’ve decided to go to a place that we totally love, a charming equestrian retreat that’s nestled on top of a hill near Sibiu.

The entire place is right next to a forest, and offers incredible views of the surroundings, in a peaceful environment where you’ll fall in love with horses. There’s also a gorgeous equestrian-themed restaurant there, that will surprise you with all its amazing little horse-inspired details.

I had no idea what photos I was going to take there, but one of the members of the staff was so friendly and took me right in the middle of the horses, and for the first time in my life I’ve had the privilege of petting horses, and it was such a nice feeling. To be honest, I was a little nervous, because I was never so close to so many horses, but it felt so good!

So if you’ve ever in Sibiu and you want to relax a little, in a beautiful place surrounded by horses, you should totally visit the Ecvestria Club. You won’t regret it 🙂

My outfit for this special post was also from my friends from All for Art and the red sandals were from Bershka. Kisses and hugs :*


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