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Shine Bright

Many of you would say that sequins should be worn only by night, when you go out with your friends in the club, or at some fancy events, but that’s not exactly a rule. If you want to turn a few heads on the streets (we all want that, right? 🙂 ) you could always wear sequins during the day as well, but.. you need to use some basic rules of styling and pay attention to the details, because you don’t want to go over the top.

The piece with sequins should be the focal item of your outfit, so the rest of your clothes must be in some pale shades to balance out all the sparkle. Accessories must be also very subtle, because you don’t want to have a kitschy look, even though some people would like that style as well. But I prefer to keep it simple and chic, with just a touch of sparkle 😀

In my case, I’ve worn a gorgeous pair of sparkly gray pants with sequins, that were both super casual and really stylish and.. I totally love them! It was an eye catching look for sure and I hope you’ll like it just as much as I did.

So, if you don’t know already what you’re going to wear this weekend, I hope my idea will be the answer to your question:) Happy weekend :*

My outfit :

Top : Shein

Pants : Rosegal

Sandals : AmiClubWear

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