Black dress with sexy cuts!

Rise and shine my dears 🙂 It’s September and it’s officially Autumn from now on, but the sun is still up and it’s scorching hot, something that I totally love. I feel like it’s still summer outside, and I’d want it to last for as long as possible, because this is my favorite season, and I’m sure it’s yours […]

A Touch of History with Gladiator Sandals

Thousands of years ago, the Romans and Greeks probably knew what they were doing when every single lady was wearing gladiator sandals around town. They didn’t have the perfect roads or sidewalks that we have nowadays, and this kind of sandals was just the perfect thing to wear back then, especially if they were going to […]

Start the week with a bang!

After a lovely weekend Mondays are always hard to get by, but let’s start this new week properly, with a massive dose of smile and nothing but good vibes. That’s my intention for you right now, to make you smile a bit more and get you in the right mood for another week with the perfect skirt and […]

How to Feel Like a Princess?

You’re probably wondering right now what I’m talking about, but girls, I think I’ve found the perfect mix to feel like a real princess – all you need is a beautiful baby pink dress and a charming castle that looks it came straight out of fairy tales. How does it sound? Last week, in one of my […]

Wearing a Lovely White Vest

Happy Monday guys 🙂 What’s up? I’m super happy right now because my mom comes to visit me tomorrow, and I’m sooo excited because I haven’t seen her for months and I miss her a loot! But until that happens, I have a new treat for you, a lovely white vest from SheIn which made me believe […]

Little black dress!

Hi girls 🙂 Did you miss me? I’ve been so freakin’ busy in these past couple of days, because I’ve decided to make a couple of changes at home and I’ve literally worked for hours and hours every single day. But now that it’s finally ready, I’m so happy with the end result and I’m totally […]

All Nude Look!

It’s Friday, yaaaay! I know a lot of you guys are barely waiting to escape your jobs (or school) and enjoy a new lovely weekend, but before you do that, I have a special treat for you 🙂 Today I wanna share with you one of my favorite looks so far, a gorgeous all nude […]

Last day at Feeric Fashion Week

Hi cuties 🙂 I hope you’re not tired from hearing about Feeric Fashon Week, because today you’re about to get a new dose of my experience there, the last post from FFW actually. The last day of the show has been totally special, with some of the most amazing collections we’ve seen this entire week, […]

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