My new crush a shiny Furla Spy Backpack 1

My new crush: a shiny Furla Spy Backpack

Officially there are just 3 days left ’till Christmas and I couldn’t be happier, because I love this special period of the year and all it brings… kindness, smiles and joy. It seems that during the Holidays we’re all different people and appreciate the little things that surround us a lot more.

As we get together with our families and close friends, our homes are beautifully decorated with that lovely Christmas sparkle, with candles filling the entire atmosphere with cinnamon and vanilla flavors and a beautiful Christmas tree with so many presents for our dears ones in the living room. That’s exactly how my Christmas looks like, yours?

I know this period of the year is a like a fairytale for me and since I was a good girl this year, Santa arrived a little earlier with many gorgeous presents for me, one of them being this awesome backpack from Furla. I’ve wanted a statement backpack for a looong time, but I didn’t expect to receive something this cool ever!

I love backpacks because they’re both chic and also practical, especially when you’re in a holiday and have to carry a lot of things with you but seriously, when I saw this beauty under my Christmas tree a couple of days ago I couldn’t believe my eyes.

I can’t even find the right words to describe how much I love it! And you know how karma always works with us? Just a couple of days ago I’ve ordered a pair of chic casual shoes in the same color as this backpack and it now seems like a match made in heaven.

My outfit for today included both these pieces and I totally liked it because I’ve felt so good and chic and I’ve thought many times just how lucky I am to wear such a gorgeous backpack.

I’ve worn today: an English House faux fur jacket, H&M blouse, NewYorker boyfriend jeans, casual silver shoes, Furla Spy backpack and Meli Melo leather gloves.

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