Third Look at Milan Fashion Week 1

Third Look at Milan Fashion Week

It’s finally the first day of March and I couldn’t be happier! Spring is officially here, and as I’ve told you already, this is the season I love most. Sunny days, warm temperatures, less clothes on us, flowers and good vibes everywhere around, this is awesome, right? 🙂

After a few incredible days in Milan, I just got back home yesterday, and… I already miss that place and that wonderful fashion event atmosphere 🙂 As I’m enjoying a big cup of coffee, and I’m writing this new article for you, with another outfit from MFW, I’m also thinking about my future visit to Milan, because I’ll surely be back here as soon as possible 😀

Today I’m going to show you my outfit for Salvatore Ferragamo‘s fashion show, where I’ve worn a gorgeous baby blue shirt, with massive sleeves that made me feel really special, paired with some chic mom jeans and a pair of masculine shoes that I totally love. The weather was pretty chilly so I’ve also worn a beautiful coat to keep me warm and to add a touch of color to this look 🙂

I couldn’t have done this look without the help of, my favorite local online store, where you can find many amazing items created by Romanian designers. I hope you like my look and keep around because I have more to show you 🙂

My outfit :

Coat : /Lucia Rosca

Shirt : / Moons

Jeans/ Bag : Zara

Shoes : TopShop



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