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A magical place called Hallstatt

Do you remember those charming little villages from old romantic movies and fairy tales? Well, that’s exactly how Hallstatt looks like, a wonderful little village from Austria, that’s almost too good to be true. It’s often called one of the world’s most beautiful villages and once you’ll arrive here you will easily understand why.

Nestled on the shores of a beautiful mountain lake in the heart of Austria and surrounded by imposing mountain peaks, Hallstatt looks like it came straight from a fairy tale, with old Alpine houses, fresh air and flowers, cobblestone streets, cute boutiques, and views that could easily take your breath away. There’s also a huge waterfall right above the village that completes this picture-perfect setting.

As you probably expect, a place this beautiful is also a very popular tourist hot spot, so my recommendation would be to come here very early in the morning, if you want to enjoy Hallstatt at its best. We arrived here at 7 am and caught a beautiful sunrise above the village, and we were also lucky enough to be the only ones to wander around the little streets of this village quietly, at least for a few minutes. From 10 am onwards it’s going to be very, very crowded.

You could even explore the world’s first known salt mine here, and a subterranean salt lake, but we’ve had other plans for the second part of our day. An hour away from Hallstatt you’ll find another incredible place, the Admond Abbey, a lovely Benedictine monastery that’s famous for its superb library, which is actually the largest monastic library in the world.

Words can’t do justice to the beauty or greatness of this place, but the best thing is that you could take photos there for a small fee, so I’ll let these photos do the rest of the talking for me. Enjoy, and stick around because I have many other interesting stories from my latest trip to Austria 🙂

Love, G!


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T-Shirt : Levi’s

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